Ben BaldanzaBen Baldanza is a business executive and investor with an extensive background in business transformation, cultural change and more.

The former CEO of Spirit Airlines, Ben Baldanza embraced the company’s reputation as a no-frills budget airline and led it to unprecedented financial success while offering unbundled, stripped-down pricing that was the first of its kind. Under Ben’s guidance, Spirit remained profitable through economic recessions, high gas prices, and competition from well-known companies in the airline sector.

Ben Baldanza’s business acumen has led to media exposure on Mad Money, ABC’s Nightline, The Today Show, the O’Reilly Factor, and NPR. He is frequently featured on Fox, CNN, and CNBC. In 2014, Ben Baldanza began his two-year process of transitioning out of Spirit and moving to the Washington, DC area. Now, he shares his insights as an investor, public speaker, and business correspondent.